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As the industry evolves, the holding company model might be the future of esports – Digiday

Published on Linkedin.

Look at this digiay article as far as a Esports holding company is concerned…

In addition to becoming media companies I also believe we will see investments that will effect gamers globally.

Although Most colleges have set up Esports curriculums already we have also invested in our gateway learning modules for youth for coding and esports opportunities focused on the underserved individuals and communities.

In addition our BBCG Impact Partners entity has also invested in quality of life focused investments such as full size stereo headsets with patented Bone Induction technology. This will be focused initially on hearing impaired individuals this spring but will revolutionize gamers experiences, while dramatically creating a badly needed safety features in preventing future hearing loss for our youth with a projected starting price of under $500.

We also have become the largest investor in and I believe private equity will see the franchise opportunities being developed for the esports industry.

Lastly we haven’t even scratched the surface for future opportunities relating to esports and web3 initiatives.

Would love to hear any thoughts on what else everyone thinks will develop in the near future?

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